Geoaktif Token Whitepaper
Geoaktif Token Basics

GETO aims to be a long-term solid crypto asset. For an understanding of its basics, please have a look on our whitepaper.

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Geoaktif Token Live Chart
GETO Live Chart

Geoaktif Token - GETO is slowly shaping its market structure with small but stable buys. Have a look on our live chart and see how it's going.

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Buy Geoaktif Token
Buy GETO on Pancakeswap

Geoaktif Token GETO is available for trading on Pancakeswap Exchange. For detailed info check our buy page here

Explore Geoaktif Token on BscScan
Explore GETO on BscScan

Geoaktif Token can be fully explored and inspected on Binance Smart Chain. For a complete inspection please go to BscScan page here

Cryptocurrency Anti-Whale Geoaktif Token

Anti-Whale Feature

One of the most revolutionary features of Geoaktif Token (GETO) as a cryptocurrency is the Anti-Whale feature. Basically, Anti-Whale is a function of our code to prevent whale manipulation. We put a strict limit on the maximum amount a cryptocurrency wallet can buy. Thus, no whale will ever be able to manipulate the price by trading large amounts.

Cryptocurrency Anti-Dump Geoaktif Token

Anti-Dump Feature

A second unique feature of Geoaktif Token is the Anti-Dump feature. Simply put, this is a function of our cryptocurrency code to prevent sudden dump manipulations. Our code puts strict limits on transactions thanks to which sudden dumps become almost impossible.

Cryptocurrency Anti-Pump Geoaktif Token

Anti-Pump Feature

The Anti-Pump feature works similar to the Anti-Dump feature. By putting strict limits on transactions, it prevents sudden pumps. Thanks to this feature, our investors can enjoy a slow but healthy growth. We also strongly refrain from a "mooning" language, but rather, we advocate a concept of slow economics as a principle for cryptocurrency trading.

Binance Smart Chain Geoaktif Geo Token

Secured with Binance, the Leading Blockchain

Geoaktif Token (GETO) is a BEP20 token created on Binance Smart Chain, which is one of the world's leading and most secured cryptocurrency blockchains to run smart contracts. Apart from being a leader in safety and security, Binance Smart Chain also stands out with its high cryptocurrency transaction speed and low gas fees.

Geoaktif Geto Token Transparent and Open Source

Transparent and Open Source Cryptocurrency

In accordance with the spirit of the emerging cryptocurrency economis, Geoaktif Token is fully transparent in terms of functioning and tokenomics. All the token specifics and the code itself are open-source, being declared in full detail in our whitepaper, which can be checked at the top menu of this website.

Cryptocurrency Geoaktif Geto Token Decentralize

Decentralized Cryptocurrency Tokenomics

The decentralized nature of Geoaktif Token (GETO) makes it possible to sustain a community-driven, open-sourced and decentralized Cryptocurrency ecosystem. Its basic tokenomics combined with a number of decentralist code functions such as anti-whale and anti-dump, provide a strong decentralized cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Geoaktif Token Supports Various Social Causes
Friend of Various Social Causes

Geoaktif Token (GETO) is a cryptocurrency that believes in global social causes. We embrace and support human rights, minority rights, women and gender rights, working class struggles and ethnic-indigenous struggles. A certain percentage of all our cryptocurrency token transactions is reserved to support such social causes. Apart from systematic social support, Geoaktif Token will also run casual support and sharing campaigns in the form of airdrops and giveaways.

Geoaktif Token is in Support of Endangered Cultures
In Support of Endangered Cultures

The creators of Geoaktif Token are engaged mainly in arts and cultural works, focusing on various ethnic cultures. Therefore, it is among our priorities to support endangered cultures worldwide. A certain percentage of all our cryptocurrency token transactions is reserved to support such works. We are especially sensitive about the world languages that are facing the danger of extinction; in this context, Geoaktif Token will contribute to works and projects focusing on such languages.

Geoaktif Token Supports Environmental Sustainability
Advocate of Environmental Sustainability

Geoaktif Token (GETO) strongly supports environmental sustainability. Global warming, climate change and environmental degradation are concerning issues for us and we will be making our own small contribution to efforts towards solving these global issues. A certain percentage of all our cryptocurrency token transactions is reserved to support such struggles.

Geoaktif Token is Best for Small and Secure Cryptocurrency Investments
Consider Investing in Cryptocurrency and Geoaktif Token

Geoaktif Token believes in the accumulation of small efforts. Tiny little drops make huge lakes. As we are at the doorsteps of an all-out emerging crypto economics, it would perhaps be wise to make some investment in cryptocurrency. If we somehow share common values, please consider Geoaktif Token for your cryptocurrency investment.

Geoaktif Token is a Responsible Cryptocurrency Trading Community
Join The Community of Responsible Trading

We at Geoaktif Token (GETO) are determined to create a new culture of cryptocurrency trading. We believe in an environment where trading is done responsibly, both for ourselves and for others, so that it is not destructive to anybody. So join us to become a member of this unique cryptocurrency community.

Geoaktif Token is for a Slow & Healthy Cryptocurrency Investment Growth
A Cryptocurrency for a Slow & Healthy Growth

We as Geoaktif Token believe in a slow, healthy and steady growth. In accordance with slow movements, we believe in slow economics. We certainly refrain from a pump-dump cryptocurrency trading culture which is destructive for all of us. Join, help and support us to create a totally new trading culture.

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