About Geoaktif Token

Geoaktif Token (GETO) is a BEP20 crypto token running on Binance Smart Chain. The token was coded and created in March 2022 by Geoaktif Cultural Center based in Istanbul, Turkey. Geoaktif Cultural Center organizes a vast variety of artistic, cultural and linguistic activities both online and in person in the form of ethnic languages, ethnic music and dance classes, as well as occasional workshops focusing on various socio-cultural issues. The center puts a special emphasis on ethnic languages and cultures that are under the threat of extinction.

Geoaktif Token was first planned as a payment method to send and receive payments to/from international students and teachers without the high fees and hassle involving international payment transfers. In time, the idea has evolved to creating a solid crypto token for widespread adaptation and use by similar small-scale institutions.

Use Case

Apart from being a store value and investment instrument, Geoaktif Token will seek to gain widespread adaptation and use by small and large institutions focusing on arts, culture, linguistics and other social courses and events on a global basis. Needless to say, any individual or institution is welcome to use the Geoaktif Token, and that would be appreciated, but we intend to construct an identity and ecosystem around the above-mentioned lines.

Talking about identity and ecosystem, we at Geoaktif Token, will do our best to open the door to a new crypto trading culture - a trading culture that strongly decouples from the current wild-west crypto trading culture that serves the few, but destructs the many. It is beyond dispute that the individuals would want to gain a profit from their investment, who doesn't. But perhaps this process doesn't have to be so painful and destructive for oneself and others. In fact, it must be the temptation of easy-quick profit-making that underlines most of the pain prevalent in the crypto atmosphere. We could very well do things in a much different, ethical and responsible way that is beneficial for all those involved. So it is our humble belief and utopia that another crypto-trading culture is possible. And we have taken some tiny steps towards such an utopia by introducing a few revolutionary coding features with Geoaktif Token. Let's have a brief look.

Anti-Whale Feature

One of the most revolutionary features of Geoaktif Token (GETO) as a cryptocurrency is the Anti-Whale feature. Basically, Anti-Whale is a function of our code to prevent whale manipulation, which is the number one enemy of small investors. In order to fight against whale manipulation and protect small investors, we have put a strict limit on the maximum amount a single cryptocurrency wallet can buy and hold. Thus, no whale will ever be able to manipulate the price by trading large amounts.

Anti-Dump Feature

A second unique feature of Geoaktif Token is the Anti-Dump feature. This feature addresses the problem of sudden dumps. As known, large institutions and whales use advanced methods and technologies in trading, which makes it impossible for small individual investors to compete. Simply put, the Anti-Dump feature of Geoaktif Token is a function of our code to prevent sudden dump manipulations; the code puts certain limits on transactions thanks to which sudden dumps become almost impossible and thus, small investors have some breathing space.

Anti-Pump Feature

Just like sudden dumps, we consider sudden pumps to be harmful as well. All that "pumping" and "mooning" speech doesn't only poison the crypto-atmosphere, but it also creates false hopes followed by huge disappointments. We have tried to target this poisonous crypto-trading culture with some aspects of our coding. The Anti-Pump feature works similar to the Anti-Dump feature. By putting strict limits on transactions, it prevents sudden pumps. Thanks to this feature, our investors can enjoy a slow but healthy growth. On the other hand, we strongly refrain from a "mooning" and "pumping" trading culture; such language and speech will have no place in our audial, visual and textual materials. On the contrary, we advocate a concept of slow economics - a principle very much suited to the spirit of the cryptocurrency world.

Security, Transparency, Decentralization

Geoaktif Token (GETO) is a BEP20 token created on Binance Smart Chain, which is one of the world's leading and most secured cryptocurrency blockchains. In accordance with the spirit of cryptocurrency economics, Geoaktif Token is fully transparent in terms of functioning and tokenomics. All the token specifics and the code itself are open-source, being declared in full detail in our whitepaper. The decentralized nature of Geoaktif makes it possible to sustain a community-driven, open-sourced and decentralized cryptocurrency ecosystem. Its basic tokenomics combined with a number of decentralist code functions mentioned above, provide a strong, decentralized cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Social, Cultural and Environmental Sensitivity

Geoaktif Token (GETO) considers itself to be a friend of global social causes. We embrace human rights, minority rights, women and gender rights, working-class struggles and ethnic-indigenous struggles. It is among our priorities to support endangered cultures; we are especially sensitive about the world languages that are facing the danger of extinction. Global warming, climate change and environmental degradation are also concerning issues for us. So, as a means of making our own small contribution to struggles put up for all these causes, 2% of all our cryptocurrency token transactions, as well as 2.5% of our total initial supply are reserved to support such social causes. Apart from this systematic social support, Geoaktif Token will also run casual support and sharing campaigns in the form of airdrops and giveaways.

What We and You Can Do Together?

Actions speak louder than words, they say. So, without corresponding actions, all the above are just thoughts and words, which could easily dissolve in the air. In this context, we need to be disciplined and keep up with the promises we have made. So the very first thing we want from you is; keep us in line and hold us accountable for what we have promised. If you happen to notice some signs of trustworthiness, then go ahead and;

-Consider investing in Geoaktif Token
-Help us to create a community of like-minded individuals and institutions
-Follow us and interact with us on social media
-Share with us your thoughts, suggestions and criticism
-Propose us ways of cooperation
-Use Geoaktif Token as an alternative payment method for your business
-Share with us social issues that need attention and that we can support
-Join forces with us in the fight against poisonous crypto-trading practices
-And finally, volunteer with us to create a new ethical crypto-trading culture

We, at Geoaktif Token, will be more than happy to embrace friends and volunteers from around the world.

Send us your first hello, and let's start a new chapter in the history of the crypto world!

Geoaktif Token Team

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